Lady Arrested In A Hospital After Faking Pregnancy (Photos)

Lady pretends to be pregnant AFROGISTONLINE

A young lady has been arrested after pretending to be pregnant and ready for delivery. According to reports, last night, the Police apprehended the woman in the maternity ward of Limbe health center in Malawi.

Before her arrest, doctors tried to examine her, but she refused to be examined after several attempts.

Yesterday night, the nurses with the support of some guardians in the maternity wing, forced her to be examined. At that time she was undressed, it was discovered that the lady faked pregnancy.

She put some wrappers in her stomach, pretending to be pregnant.

She has since been detained at Limbe police pending to establish her motive behind the action. She is married, and blessed with one child. Her name is Filesu Leonard, she is 24 years from Munsiche village T/A Likoswe Chiradzulu in Malawi..


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