LOVE and PAIN (Season 1: Ep 1) by NickiWonder

Love and Pain

I met him again after a long time of departure, well how it really happened I can’t give an account of. He is still as nice,calm and cool as before, he wears more confidence now and really I am seeing him with clean cute beards for the first time.

As much as Facebook helps by bringing the contact of those one may know, it has not for once brought his ( I wondered how come).

“I hope  life has been fair with you” he asked.

“Life has not been bad anyway but you know I am still in the process, it would be better soon I believe” I reply with a smile that cutely shows my dimple😋

He could smile a lot and that’s equally one of the good things he kept.

        Lolu and I have been acquaintances since high school days. Enjoying the rides in the morning rush as we have a meeting place every day on our way to school. He was an amazing guy who would cross his Lane and break his laws for someone he loves. I never knew much till he started disassociating

       And I stared in his eyes asking what reasons he has to boycott all our being together but Lolu just disappeared like the breathe that leaves my nostrils.

Here now I have with me the love that shyed away from me ages back because I was hung to a random guy who seem more of a threat to him. Lolu never had the courage to speak love to me, I could see it in his eyes but he couldn’t and wouldn’t tell it.

       We couldn’t have been nothing but perfect partners. Dire has all that I desire but not the extras Lolu throws at my face. I could see fears in his eyes when I told him Facebook reconciled Lolu and I. Informing him about the hang out was a bit difficult but I did though he objected which I expected. “Did I offend you that bad? You left me at a cross road, which took me a lot of time to pass bye”

With a soft heart and beams around his cheek, ‘no volume of words or apology can erase that single wrong. I was childish I know but still no matter how much I try to explain to you,you still won’t understand my pains then. I’m sorry Tife for all I’ve cost you.

After you came on our last day in high school asking for reasons why I was dodging us, I retired to a corner weeping my heart out blaming myself for being a coward that I was. I never knew that was going to be the last of us, I didn’t see myself leaving the country as quick and I had no time to send my last words to you.

 It all appears to be a dream, Lolu speaking out his mind to me but I wouldn’t want to ruin the whole scene. I listened to him while I smile inside.

Then the waiter came with a menu requesting for our orders. As we checked through, Lolu said funny words giving my ribs a treat.

We had barely spent an hour together when Dire sent a text 

”what I’ve feared most is happening already’ .

I knew from the moment Lolu came to picture a weed has to be uprooted but which weed it will be is what I don’t know. ‘is everything okay darling?’ were the words that shook me back to life, I was lost in thoughts. I barely could stutter I’m good with a smile. As much as I wanted Lolu and picturing life already with him, he came at the point to be a turmoil. Tife, I know I’ve never said how much I cherish and desire you to walk through life with me. Forgive my cowardice, he giggled. Tife, I’m sure there’s a man here already but I still see us, I see us moving through the waves of life and coming out bold at the end of the tunnel. Life says it’s right been with you but I say been with you is what was ordained from world beyond. I don’t want to live to life’s expectations because you are all I expect from living. Make life easy to live for me Tife, he said with balls of water in his eyes ready to pop out like the bullet from a pistol. I want Lolu but where do I keep Dire in all of this, my God.

I have never been in this kind of dilemma and I thought for the first time those who actually engaged in a double dating might not be wrong as well, who knows maybe they really found themselves in this same shoe I am.

Lolu still on his kneel, I know this is going to be difficult and I am ready to stand by you as you make your decision, he said as he stood up to me. He held my two hands and maintains a direct but romantic stare are me. No one utter a word for few seconds all we both could do was a stare but anyone who is familiar with heart beat communication would know Lolu and I had gone in talks even with the silent.

He took a step closer to me without lowering his stares.

“what are you trying to do”? I merely finished that statement then I felt a warm,soft and sweet touching on my lips. He kissed me and I couldn’t resist his succulent and dulcet lips as much as I try to stop myself from kissing him back,  my feelings is just  too big for me to control at the moment.

we both regained our consciousness back when my phone rang. who could that be I thought for a while as I pretend to act as if nothing really happened. To be honest

this moment had been a fantasy for me right from the high school and even after we departed I still found myself daydreaming about this, but a lot changed in the way I pictured our first kiss, I never for once thought there could be a ‘but’ not even from me.

That’s Dire I said to myself as I rushed to pick up my phone but it was a bit of surprise for me as a found out the caller is Ernest. Ernest has been the only visible rival Dire always have in mind,he is always scared of the fact that we spent so much time together at the office and we equally have lot of things in common which has actually been the reason I still hold on to our friendship. It wasn’t really Ernest call that got me surprised and bothered but the fact that it wasn’t Dire. Like I just kissed another guy who is not my boyfriend and I had no hint of suspicion from Dire. I mean Dire and I are so connected that we sense any form of threat to our relationship as soon as the are about to happen.

I could vividly remember a time like that with Ernest in the office, he was supposed to help me with stuffs I really couldn’t handle at the office, Ernest almost force forced a kiss on me before Dire entered and got me saved. He said he felt it in his spirit that something bad is about to happen to me so he had to rush to my work place and there has been times I equally rescued him from such because I felt he was in danger also. This has been the extent to which I am connected with Dire. But how he couldn’t feel anything this time around got me worried.

Lolu was busy smiling and feeling himself as if nothing we did was wrong, I was so irritated that I couldn’t stand his presence again.

This is not right! No No! I told myself and come back to life. I stood up and told Lol u I needed to leave, he tried to persuad me to stay a bit longer but I wouldn’t dare it, I can’t still believe how I could kiss a guy who is not mine. Well I am aware of how normal this look in this century but I am not the kind of lady, cheating is one of the thing I detest the most and seeing myself in this same mess is still shocking

‘ I need  space to think about everything right now ‘ I told him and left the eatery.

leaving the eatery I wouldn’t stand to see Dire also at the moment, all I wished to do was to run away from these two guys driving me crazy. I found my way back to my own apartment which was about 50km from the eatery, I stay in a self contain apartment which is largely occupied by workaholic set of people who  will leave home as early as 5am and come back as late as 11pm, this include a Saturday like this, with this I knew I was going home to nobody but myself. I opened the gate and walked like a drunk fellow to my apartment wad about opening the door when noticed a note dropped at my entrance, I picked up the note but was not ready to go through another drama of reading a strange letter. I dropped the letter on the table as I entered my apartment (without reading it). Trying to settle and regain my sanity, I had a shower and pick up the last apple I have left the the refrigerator.

Victoria is the only person that can understand and as well save me from this, Victoria and I has been a good friend as far back as primary school, She seems to be the only friend have kept for that long and for that reason I believe she had the real picture of me and she understands very well my kind of person. Its Saturday and the time was about 5’oclock in the evening.

‘She must have come back from work’

I quickly picked up my phone, I dailed her number 3times before she eventually picked up.

Babe, good evening, are you back from work? please make it to my place tonight, I really need someone to talk to. I didn’t give her a chance to to agree or disagree, I hanged up and retire to my bed.

Then I remember I a have a letter to read.

Written by: Olatayo NickiWonder Iyanuoluwa

Olatayo Nickiwonder Iyanuoluwa

Olatayo NickiWonder Iyanuoluwa is a freelance writer, and author of the Love and Pain Series. Her writing has appeared in several journals of poetry and poems.

She’s a sterling linguist, grammarian, a fine on-air personality (OAP), and a photographer.

Facebook: Olatayo Nickiwonder Iyanuoluwa

Instagram: @nicki_wonder

Twitter: @NickiWonder

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